Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Backward to Catch Up, Part 3

Wedding Anniversary
Recently my husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. The funny thing is that even after 15 years of marriage, I am so happy I married my husband and it doesn't feel like it has been 15 years. We wanted to celebrate and at the last minute elected to go to Phoenix where it was 112 degrees during the day and 104 degrees at night. It didn't bother us, we just made the most of it and enjoyed being together. I am grateful for my in-laws who took our 3 kids (at the very beginning of the school year) and loved them to pieces until we returned. It was time alone that we needed and are fortunate enough to have family who was kind enough to watch our kids and get them to all of their events!

Relaxing outside at our favorite spot, Olive & Ivy.

On our way to celebrate with a romantic dinner on our last night in Scottsdale.

We were surprised with these delicious desserts!

I was having fun on the highway...on our way back to the airport.
When we first met we biked 20 miles together. You may remember that from a previous post. And although we don't have a lot of time to bike these days, we did take a rather adventurous bike ride in the Phoenix heat. And my hubby changed a flat tire for a stranded female motorist. I married a good guy.

The Buckeyes
Getting back to reality meant getting back to Ohio and the start of another football season for the Buckeyes. My years of living in Columbus lead to a fondness for the Buckeyes. My husband earned his doctorate at The Ohio State University, so he is a big fan of the Bucks, too. We are both glad that Tressel is gone and think that just because he wore a sweater vest, did not make him an honest person. Funny how people look at how you dress and not at your actions. Anyhow... we never had the opportunity to take all of the kids to a Buckeye football game, as getting 5 tickets together can be rather difficult to obtain...until this season.

Mini tailgate:

The kids at the Horseshoe.

The game was the day before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  The American flag was beautiful.

Marissa was so excited to have her picture taken with two of the Ohio State cheerleaders. She is almost as tall as the cheerleader!

Doing their part getting O in O-H-I-O

The Health baby had to come with us during the game, but was turned off for most of it. Good thing, too, because we might not have heard it crying with all of the stadium noise. Part of being a freshman in Health class!

Mom & Dad
Many of you have asked how my Mom is doing following chemo from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am very happy to say that at this point, she is in remission. She is getting back her energy and her hair is starting to grow. My parents were able to visit and spend time with us. I was bossy and demanded some photos. 

Rich and I with my parents. Love them so much.

Apple Picking
We live very close to an apple orchard, which is really nice in the fall. This year we went apple picking with our good friends. Here is Marissa climbing trees and picking apples.
 Sister bonding time.

Me & my friend Kim. We have been friends for 15 years! She was my first friend when I moved to this area. We make time to get together for fun with our families.

The boys trying to split apples with their hands.  Its a "guy"thing.

 Taste testing some apples & having fun.

The gang going to look for more types of apples.  Love the sky in this photo.

Country Living
One bonus of living in the country is that there is no waiting line for the trampoline.

We had a pretty nice fall. Rainy cool days and then beautiful, warm, sunny days. The grass is super green from the rain & sun. It almost looks like spring.

I like looking back at the past few weeks. Only a few weeks to go and I will be caught up on my blogging. Part 4 is coming soon!


  1. Going backward to catch up is what mothers do so well and your great at it. Love u daughter. Mom :o)

  2. Oh! Happy Anniversary!

    Missed you!

    I'm glad your mom is in remission-- that's great news.

    Strange request-- can I um, see your mantel above the mantel? PLEASE? Do you have a pic on your blog? 'Cause I am doing mine now, and it's not turning out the way I want it to. :(

  3. It was fun "catching up" with you :). We celebrated 15 yrs too!! So happy to hear about your Mom, I was just thinking about her.

  4. Hi Cathy! Wow! I am loving all of your photos and catching up with your life. And I LOVE how outdoorsy your family is!! You have a beautiful family!

  5. Loved catching up over too. So much going on with all of you. Happy anniversary and glad you are back!
    :) Jen

  6. Happy Anniversary!! We had 15 years in Aug too. :) You have such an amazing family my friend and I am so glad that your mom is doing so well, she looks beautiful!!

  7. So glad to see you back! Looks like you've been enjoying yourself to the fullest. YEAH! Love that photo taken in the car. :)

    And,I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing so well. She looks happy and healthy in your photos. :)

    And...WOW! It looks COLD there already. You guys are in parkas and gloves. Not ready for that yet.

  8. Enjoyed my tea time catching up over here! Happy Anniversary! What a fun getaway you and your hubby were able to take! Glad you're back...or at least catching up! Totally get, life, stuff keeps us so busy! Your pics are awesome!
    Have a great day Cathy!

  9. Hi Cathy,
    You look amazingly beautiful. Congratulations on all the years of happiness with your handsome hubby. You do have a great guy if he stopped in that crazy heat. Whew!

    I was in that area back in August and was sweating in parts I didn't even know had sweat glands. LOL.

    My husbands family is from Ohio and I've had a couple friends over the years from there. ALL Ohio State fans. Every game is like Super Bowl to them. lol.

    I'm sorry to hear about your moms battle. I'll keep her uplifted with positive thoughts. You two look very much alike. Beautiful!

    Sorry I haven't been able to come by and leave comments. My life has been crazy busy with living in Myrtle Beach part time and Alaska. It was like a huge move only very little moved. It's all to much to explain. I'll be back by after Thanksgiving to read through your posts. You'll always be my favorite. You were my very first follower and I was elated someone found me a little interesting.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family on this Thanksgiving!


  10. You've got to be headed into ski season, too! And you're right, I am going through a bit of withdrawals because Breck got a bunch of fresh powder the week before and Thanksgiving was 50 degrees up there. Positively dreamy!

    I know you're a busy lady living life but I sure miss hearing what you guys are up too. Hope your good (and your mom too!)

    — Marlowe


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