Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Going Backward to Catch Up, Part 4

I am really having fun going back and reliving some of our summer and fall memories. The thing that keeps hitting me is that it has gone so fast. I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect upon some of our fun times and the memories we have shared as a family. Of course, there are many days filled with stress and my hope is that I keep this blog real. While I have been updating this blog, I am in the process of doing laundry, dishes, helping kids with homework, listening to piano lessons and cleaning out drawers.

13th Birthday Celebration for Foster
Foster's birthday fell on a school night so we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. They sing Happy Birthday in Spanish, make you wear the sombrero and deliver a delicious ice cream treat. It is a great way to kick off your teen years!

A birthday hug from Dad.

Some laughs and a hug from Mom.

And some sister love to share your birthday treat!
Only 3 more years and he will be off with the car! I hope he remembers to take us along with him!

Homecoming 2011
There was a bit of stress leading up to homecoming this year. Those of you that have lived through the teen girl years can probably think back and remember all of the factors that go into homecoming including the date, the dress, shoes, hair, makeup and corsage.  And then you see your daughter grow up right before your eyes.

Trying to pin on the corsage. We had to enlist her date's mom, as I couldn't get it either!

Double thumbs up.

Ana with Mom, Dad & sis, on the dock.

Ana with her siblings.

My hubby took this and the fall colors were at their peak.

Fall Soccer
Marissa's trademark soccer stance is with her arms outstretched. The girls had a great season, especially since they combined 2 teams into one.

I love this one, too.
It is fun watching the girls improve their skills and watch how they mature and develop into such talented athletes.

Halloween 2011
This is the last year for the Halloween parade as Marissa will move on to a new school next year where the parties are much lower key and they do not have a Halloween parade. Marissa was a tennis player this year and was able to borrow her sister's team sweatshirt to play the part. {Ana and Foster did not dress up this year...I guess they are too old for Halloween}

It is obvious that I am behind on my blogging so I am "backblogging"! I am attempting to catch up the last bits of 2011 before moving on to 2012. I have really made other things my priority and I love to blog (both reading and writing). I know it is annoying to read about events that happened months ago, so I hope to be caught up soon and moving into the present to share thoughts and perspectives on current events! 

My next blog post will cover November and December 2011, as some very exciting things happened in those months. Then I will be in the present and talking about life in Ohio in 2012. Whew!!!


  1. looking back on ur blog took me back to the days when you, Danny, Lisa and Tony where involved in sports and other activities. Those are some of the best memories we have. Thanks Cathy and we send our love to you. Mom & Dad.

  2. So good to see the blogging Cath! Makes me feel normal reading them :-).

    Love ya!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Double thumbs up" pic of your daughter. You're probably too close to notice (you see her every day) but I have a feeling that pic will be one of your favorite pics of her growing up. What a BEAUTIFUL girl!
    P.S. Great to see you writing again.

  4. I can see why you weren't blogging. You were out living! Definitely a cool way to celebrate your birthday!

    And your daughter looks so beautiful in these photos. I especially love that her shoes are age-appropriate and pretty. Not some crazy, high stilettos that she wouldn't be able to walk or dance in.

  5. I missed you! Your daughter looks BEE-AUTIFUL for Homecoming!

  6. Your daughter looks so the color of her dress. And what a great picture your husband took with the beautiful fall trees in the background!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I can't believe how grown up they are looking!

  8. Way to catch us up! Love all that you've been up to. Love all those dimples. Such a beautiful family!


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