Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday-Make your list!

Welcome to my first blog! I will be writing snippets about my life as a busy Mom & wife, small business owner, techie, paper lover, amateur gardener, and ski (water & snow) enthusiast. I hope you enjoy it & that you check back often!

Ah, Monday! I start out each Monday with a list of the day's activities & then morph it into a list for the week. Many people are already overwhelmed with the holidays, but I am feeling upbeat with my list(s). My list for today is on red, green & white paper from my favorite company Donovan Designs,  I am a retailer for them & love the cheeriness of their papers! If you get a personal note from me, it will most likely be on their paper. My 7 year old daughter was recovering from the stomach flu yesterday & she drew the cutest picture of a Christmas tree with ornaments hanging off of it! I had to use it today for my list:)

As I mentioned I am sort of a techie. I love the internet, email, ipods, cameras, making movies on my computer & pseudo techie stuff. I am not the person to call when your computer breaks, but I can't live without my electronics! Get the picture? So back to the list making...I have found that I have to make my list on real paper. I just found a new pen that is awesome!! If you like super bold ink then try the uniball gel impact 1.0. They can be a bit pricey, but it is worth it!

I haven't checked anything off my list yet today. I have however, made two important phone calls & have started my first blog. Some things just cannot be measured by the checkmarks! What doesn't get done today can always be added to tomorrow's list!I am smiling each time I look at the hand-drawn tree & ornaments. Good luck with your list & don't forget to add: Read "checkitoff" to your list!~Peace, Cathy


  1. Congrats Cathy! I'll be looking to you for inspiration on my own writings. Looks like you've taken the first step. Glad I could be your first subscriber!


  2. Let me know if you have any blog questions along the way...I'm obsessed! ;)


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