Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 2 Day Event: Christmas Decorating

My typical indoor decorating for Christmas usually takes a day. This year was a different story~for some reason it lasted a full 2 days!!! It is nice to have it done! Here are a few tips:

1.Have a strong someone who will carry the storage boxes to the floor where you are decorating~this will allow you more energy to put into your decorating endeavors!

2. Have an idea of what you want to use & how you want it to look! Peruse magazines & blogs to come up with a general plan.

3. Give yourself a plenty of time to complete your decorating.

4. Try to enjoy it!

5. If you become frustrated, then take a quick break!

6. Don't be afraid to experiment!

7. Come up with inexpensive solutions to those vexing problems.

My vexing problem was finding a tree skirt that wasn't a version of red, blue or green. I needed something that was rather neutral & have used the same red/blue/green tree skirt for many years. I vowed to change it this year but kept finding the same color scheme at every store. After a lot of searching I found a fabric that complimented my color scheme. I bought 3 yards of a material that is used as a lining, so it has a pretty sheen. I would recommend purchasing 3 1/2-4 yards. I just tucked it around the tree & fluffed it & it is perfect!

The results are below. Keep in mind that when I took these photos it was daytime, but rather dark. Sorry about that!

the tree skirt

the decorated tree

my mini trees that occupy the transom windows

ornaments hanging from the chandelier by satin ribbon~a fun touch!

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