Friday, February 12, 2010

Have you ever been dumped on Valentine's Day?

From my youngest Valentine, these are her cute handprints!:

Well, yes I have been dumped on Valentine's Day, twice actually (by 2 different guys who are still regretting it!) Sometimes holidays are more hype than substance. I am looking forward to a great Valentine's Day & I hope you are, too. If you don't get dumped, then it should be pretty good. Here are a few fun photos of things that make me think fondly of Valentine's Day (yes I have been cooped up in my house this week!)

My craft stapler that uses pink staples:
Pink kitchen towels:
Heart slinky, love it:
Part of my outfit for my Valentine's dinner with hubby, it is cold here:
And a bit of red (I love patent):


  1. Love all of it Cathy...those red shoes are killer! Have fun!!

  2. Pink is my favorite colour, and that coat is fabulous!


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