Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February 1st!

I am so happy it is February! I don't know where January went, but I am glad it is in the history books.

Let's talk about this morning. We have a snow day and the kiddos will be home from school. Last night we knew they would most likely have it off. I knew in the middle of the night when I could hear the freezing rain tapping (annnoyingly) on the house! I got up a little later this morning, but still early for a snow day, in hopes to post before the kids awakened~but no such luck! They are all awake and snuggling with warm blankets by the tv. Soon there will be special requests for breakfast. Glad I bought donuts at the grocery last night. I will slice up a pineapple, strawberries, grapes and blueberries to go with the donuts. Or maybe they will have a clementine to boost their Vitamin C levels. I am brewing some hazelnut creme coffee (*Folgers*) which I love! I have tried other coffees, but none compare to this tasty little gem. I am still staying below 2 cups a day (usually 1 1/2 cups x 8 ounces). Then if I feel the need, I will have hot lemon water or a cup of herbal tea. I am avoiding all other caffeine, too.

Here is our faithful lab, Bella. She gets to come in when it is very cold outside. She is definitely an outdoor dog and enjoys running our 5 acres and scaring off the deer (as they DESTROY our shrubs!). My neighbor texted me recently and said we have a coyote in the neighborhood. Her husband found tracks right up by their windows! No wonder Bella has been barking more lately!

If we were having coffee together today I would tell you that I am secretly glad the the kids have a snow day! All 3 of mine seem a little tired lately and I think they can use the snow day to catch up on sleep and relax a bit. That is the best part of snow days, getting to enjoy the day and get a bit of extra rest.

I have been working with my friend's camera. It feels so good to have a real camera in my hands! (She is selling it, so look for details at the bottom of the post) I love iPods and find that running with my very first iPod is the best. I can change songs easily and never worry about dropping it. We now have 7 iPods (not including the 2 that have been lost). We are a family of 5. iPod addiction~yeah! Do you see my Tivoli? That is probably the best Christmas gift I have ever received. I can plug my iPod in and listen to the radio. I can move it around if I like. It is little and has great sound. I love it. You like my lemon mug? I do too, but I only fill it half way. Some day I will show you my lemon dishes that are a different pattern from the mug below. They were also a Christmas present years ago.

I am supposed to go to my personal trainer today. I will see if they are open and how the roads are at that time. I am not risking my life for a workout. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my husband will get out early and that we will get some fresh snow for some evening skiing!

I am linking up with Amy and her Virtual Coffee. Stop on over to her blog and drool at her lovely photography! Her button is on my sidebar.

I will tell you that I love my AP Tuesdays because I at least have a deadline to try to make. It really helps me. Are you a procrastinator? If so, you need to join Amy's linky party. She explains everything on her blog and you will see her Anti~Procrastination link on my sidebar. Join us. I am very thankful for this, as it has motivated me in the last year to accomplish a lot of mini projects in a short (but realistic) timeframe.

LAST WEEK's Anti Procrastination List 1/24/11 (get done by Feb 1st)
Get new photos in frames~NOT DONE problems with the color photos, (The printer had to re-do them, waiting for them to come in!)
Download photos from email, phone & then back up: going to finish today
Back up kids' photos & videos: going to finish today
Set up printer for Ana DONE, also set up Foster's computer to print to Ana's printer (the printer is already out of ink~guess that was successful!)

NEW LIST Anti Procrastination List 1/31/11 (get done by Feb. 8th)
My Focus word for February is PHOTOS
Get Photos in Frames
Delete Photos on main computer that are not worthy of keeping (going back 1 year)
Sign, Copy & Send tax documents to accountant for personal & business
Set up Microsoft Word on Ana's computer (finding the disk will be the hard part!)

I almost forgot to tell you that I am giving a talk to a group of women in a few weeks. I am still working on the title but it will be along the lines of "Inexpensive Decorating Ideas". I am pulling together photos and ideas of projects that I have done in my home. Want me to share with you?

I still have the steeple project and the women business owner posts to bring you. I haven't forgotten and I am sure that they will be coming together soon!

Camera info:  
Originally purchased in February 2007
Condition: Excellent, used very little
Includes the following and all original boxes:
Nikon D200 w/Nikkor 18-70 lens  $1999 original price
Nikkor 80-200mm lens $999 original price
Includes Nikon battery charger, manuals, 1 x 1GB memory card and 1 x GB memory card, Nikon Lantern DVD guide and 2 batteries. 

This camera is fully automatic, as well as having the option to change iso settings, f stops, white balance etc. It would be a great camera for someone who is interested in exploring the art of photography, but may still want to rely on automatic features, too.  You know dipping your toe in, but only going as far as you are comfortable!

Just leave me a comment or email me (email on sidebar) what you would like to offer for the camera and lens. Be sure I can get in touch with you via email!

And just for fun, here is a picture of Marissa sifting flour for the popovers we made on Saturday. Fun stuff. She loves to bake and has always been at my side in the kitchen since she was little! They were delicious. The kids thought they would be more muffin~like, so if you make these be sure to realize that they actually have more of an egg taste. They are very similar to my Mom's recipe for Yorkshire pudding. These made me think of my Mom in sunny Florida. Miss you Mom & Dad!

Would love to know if you have a snow day? What are your plans for February? 


  1. We are having a snow day today too! I just got off the phone with my mom...and I think you guys got a lot more than we did! You sound a little more chipper though than me today about the kids being off.
    What a beautiful camera...if only I had the funds, I would make an offer!
    Would love to hear more about your decorating talk your giving. I was asked to do a craft class once a month at our rec center...but I'm not crazy about talking in front of a large group. I'm still undecided on this one!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. oops! That should say...would love to hear about your decorating talk "you're" giving. I should really look over my comment before posting it! Those kind of errors drive me crazy! :)

  3. Hi! There must be a problem I think. Your button is the first one of my buttons...but it is just a little box with an X. I thought maybe it was something temporary from photobucket so I left it there. I actually tried it again. Any thoughts.

  4. I want to make those popovers! I need to get one of those fancy pans, though!

    Oh, and yes! Share your decorating ideas. :)

  5. We ARE having a snow day today! Arctic blast like we've never had before -- but the banana bread baking and the monopoly game in the living room make it so great.

  6. wow cathy your popovers look gorgeous - nice job!! Our snow day (from the same storm) is tomorrow (and we had an early dismissal today, geez!). All these snowbound days are starting to be a problem for my waistline ... we baked banana bread this afternoon and the plan for tomorrow is creamy cauliflower-potato-cheddar soup and of course - popovers! Yikes - treadmill, please?!

    and, btw, I vote a huge YES on sharing your 'inexpensive decorating ideas' - can't wait!!

  7. I think half of the country is having a snow day today! We have another one tomorrow too.
    I need some good procrastination motivation!! I have a TON of photos to go through too. Maybe I will borrow your word of the month!!:)
    Enjoy the night

  8. Oooh, the popvers do sound good. Maybe I wil make some while we are snowed in this week : ) Yay for snow days! They really are great for rest and relaxation like you said and spending time together. Seven ipod sis funny...I have lost mine and need to get a new one myself...it's funny, my oldest one was my favorite one, too. Thanks for coffee, Cathy!

  9. Yes I want you to share your decorating ideas! Looking forward to it!

    So is tomorrow a snow day too? I know my sis in Chicago has a snow day. One more day to relax?

    Tell me more about your hot, non-caffeine drinks, would ya?

  10. We are in CA, so no snow days here! I'm having a self-imposed snow day with my son on Saturday because we need some down-time! Those popovers look divine, and I love your lemon mug! Its so bright and cheerful!

  11. hi again cathy - i posted my '7 interesting things' from the 'versatile blogger' award you passed along ... wanted to say thanks again for including me in the award love ;-)

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate the award!

  13. I deleted the button and posted it again. Still not showing up. Hmmmm.

  14. We had a snow day today as well! My kids fought most of the day so that was special! :) The sun did shine so that was nice but we didn't go out all. I love your list, my photos can go back about a year or so as well! My how time flies! :)

    Your talk sounds fun! I would love to see your photos and inspirations that you have!

    Stay warm!


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