Thursday, February 3, 2011

View from My Kitchen Sink

My blog friend Pam, is celebrating her First Blog Anniversary and she is challenging us to post a view from our kitchen sink. I would rather do this in the summer but thought it was a pretty day, so here is my view today:

And a pic of my sweet Marissa's Valentine cake that she made during one of our 3 our snow days off from school. She made this almost entirely by herself. I poured it in the pan and put it in and pulled it from oven. I also made some extra icing but she did all of the rest! Pretty good for 8 years old! 
It says be Mine.

And Marissa has been hobbling around. Must have been some snow day scuffle with the siblings. The sibs are in the other room chilling out after having teeth removed today. A good day to have them removed so they don't miss any school! (Crutches are rather inexpensive and make a good toy, as well as come in handy, when your ankle is a tiny bit sore)

This was a shot of my kitchen counter last night. Don't know why my kids can't put their mug in the sink, throw away the garbage and roll down the Goldfish bag! By the way those strawberry heart marshmallows are to die for!! Yummmy!

This is a pic of part of my living room bookshelves. The books are covered in paper from HobLob. The hour glass was a bday gift to my hubby a few weeks ago. It is really cool and a reminder that time is fleeting. I wanted Pam to see how I covered my books in paper. I did this years ago & they still look great! Don't you think bookshelves are hard to decorate? This looks much nicer in person. Really it does. The very top pic(in the star frame) is of my son and husband swimming in a lake about 10 years ago. The 2nd shelf  pic on left is of Ana when she had really short hair,  she was about 5 years old. There is a pic of Foster and me when he was a baby. A picture of Ana holding Foster when he was a baby. A picture of Marissa's baptism. A picture of Marissa at 6 months old in her little Frenchy blue outfit that I took. And a pic of the kiddos from 2 1/2 years ago. I really need to get the new photos in frames! 

I am hoping for a return to "normal" tomorrow and that the road conditions improve. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my trainer and a lunch date with a dear friend.  Tonight, I am off to try a new place in town with the Bunco/Bunko girls. Have a lovely Thursday evening!


  1. Yeah Cathy! Thanks for posting this..I LOVE your view..that tree is gorgeous! And your pretty!

  2. Have a fun night out! Your view is so pretty and calming. Oh, and I'll have a glass of milk with my cake, please. :)

  3. Love that view, Cathy - and the bookshelves, too!! I need it to be sunnier to join in Pam's fun link-up ... hopefully tomorrow, otherwise my view will look pretty dreary! Hope you're having a fun night with the Bunko ladies!

  4. Wow beautiful view. I hate snow and I still think that's mighty purty.

  5. Hope you had a great night! Your daughter did a great job on the cake!

  6. Your view is so pretty...right there at your sink!
    Your daughter did a great job on her cake! We are loving the heart marshmallows here too. She's a clever girl to think of lining the cake with cute!
    I need to change my pictures of of our frames too...I don't think I've put any new pics out for 3 or 4 years!
    Hope you had a fun night out!

  7. Your view is beautiful, so open and is that blue sky I see?! Woo hoo!! That cake is awesome! Good for her! Oh, I hope that she is feeling better soon, crutches are such a pain! I hope you had a great night with girls, sounds like fun! have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your view!!!!

  9. new to your blog...and loving your view!!! will be back over after i get the kiddos to school and shovel the 4 inches of snow that fell last night!!

  10. Hi I am following you now - thanks for stopping by! I love the view from your kitchen :-) Mine is is the middle of the room so i don't get a window and we certainly don't have that kind of view - so pretty!!

  11. What an a amazing view from the sink!!! <3


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