Thursday, February 11, 2010

Praying on a Snow Day

Some Moms complain about their kids being home on a snow day. (OK, I have a few dozen times!) We just had 2 days home in a row. I have been busy praying. My son is the one in the bright green pants. He is 11. Seems like he should still be 2! I guess I may be at fault here. I encouraged him to start skiing at an early age (2 1/2), to get out some of that toddler energy. Then a few years ago I introduced my husband to snowmobiling. I grew up snowmobiling with my family in Michigan. Told hubby how much fun it is...& now we own a "vintage" (old!) snowmobile. Thus the video!

My son has always been an active kid & this is how he is growing, changing & challenging himself! Watch the video & then say a prayer for me!


  1. So much fun!!! Cool video/music! We didn't get nearly the amount of snow they are in school today! I love that you are such an active, outdoor family!! Have fun!

  2. That was awesome Cathy!!~ Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!!~ I like your fun side too:) Debbie


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