Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AP Tuesday, Virtual Coffee & a Hidden Talent

Yesterday I had a lot to accomplish in a just a few hours and I realized that I haven't been making my daily list. I quickly whipped out a notepad and jotted down my list. As I sipped my coffee this morning, I was surprised to see that got everything done on yesterday's list. Thus the name for my blog, Check It Off. I function so much better with my daily checklist. I am definitely going to be using my lists this week! The past few weeks I have been focusing on completing little tasks, which will help our life to run a bit more smoothly. Also, I really would like to have photos of my family in the picture frames, rather than the ones that come in them from the store!

LAST WEEK's LIST Anti Procrastination List 1/31/11 (get done by Feb. 8th)
My Focus word for February is PHOTOS
Get Photos in Frames NOT DONE, going on back on list. Hoping to have new prints by Friday! 
Delete Photos on main computer that are not worthy of keeping (going back 1 year)NOT DONE,going back on list for this week
Sign, Copy & Send tax documents to accountant for personal & business PARTIALLY DONE (I signed, waiting on hubby to finish, read TEAM effort!
Set up Microsoft Word on Ana's computer (finding the disk will be the hard part!) DONE

THIS WEEK'S List Anti Procrastination List (get done by Feb. 15th)
My Focus word for February is PHOTOS
Get Photos in Frames
Delete unwanted photos going back 2 years
Reconcile January bank statement & produce business info for accountant
Spray paint new photo frames & hang on photo wall

Tonite I am taking the kids to a tryout for a local musical production of Sleeping Beauty. I am not sure if we will actually be able to participate in the production, but I think it will be great experience for them! ~I am a bit nervous for  them, they are a bit nervous, too! So we will just see how it goes!

Tomorrow night are soccer tryouts for my son's travel team. You know spring is not too far away when soccer tryouts are happening! I find this to be a better predictor of spring than the groundhog!

The kids' Valentine's parties are this Friday, so I have a bit of baking to do. Their Valentines are done! I am also in charge of the guessing game. I am going to come up with a few containers where they need to guess the number of items in the jar. This is such a great game for second graders. Maybe I will have the party helper Moms guess, too. Wouldn't that be fun to see who is closer, the kids or the Moms?

Remember the camera my friend was selling? Well she decided to keep it. My friend and I were playing with it at the ski lodge and a man came over and told her what a great camera it is and showed her a few tricks. She vowed to use it more and learn more about it. And she said I can keep it for awhile longer. Sweet, huh? I am getting very close to buying my new camera. I am just deciding on the lens I want. I cannot wait! 

My training is really coming along. I am going to sign up for another month, since I have already seen good results in 3 weeks! My favorite is the H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) class. It is kickboxing and I LOVE it! Such a wonderful feeling of power and strength when you have on the gloves. Not easy, but very fun!

Upcoming blog posts this week:
My interview with Lucy the Slipcover Queen and photos of her Studio/Work Room
A post with a recipe for a yummy winter recipe with a video starring me and Marissa

If you have a chance, please pop over to my friend Marla's new blog, Random Thoughts. She is an awesome photographer, writer, ski instructor and the list goes on! Also, she is thinking about sharing her Manual for Mothers of Freestyle Skiers. What a friend!

We are getting a bit of light snow. I had to help my husband pull the snow plow out this morning. It was stuck and he couldn't get it out by himself. Cathy to the rescue! Yep, I am a  woman of many talents. Now go find your hidden talents! 



  1. So many fun things here. Ah, a list. I need a list. Desperately. My problem? I make a list, and then put it "somewhere." Whoops. Find it a week or two later. It's too easy to get lost in bloggyland here and avoid my list! Thank you so much for pointing out that my room was on Kristin's blog. I was four days or more behind in reads because of family in town, and grandma's funeral. So...thank you! Good luck to the kids on the tryouts! Exciting and a great experience!

  2. I can't imagine how long it would take me to delete all of the unworthy photos on my computer. That is a task I don't even want to think about. I am so unorganized w/my pictures.

    And, hello? Sleeping Beauty?!? Is this a play or the ballet? That's what I'm sewing these tunics for! BB's in Sleeping Beauty in March. What a small world!

  3. hey there, cathy - what a busy lady! all fun stuff though (well, actually that photo/deleting project doesn't sound like a bunch of fun!) ... i'm really psyched to hear what camera/lens combo you decide on - so excited for you!!

  4. i love your AP lists! i could use one. or two! and i really need to dig into my photos and sort and print! as for valentines... no parties for my kids. kinda sad to be past it, but then? relieved!! happy tuesday!

  5. So wish I could keep to my list. It just seems to keep being bumped due to snow days. Love them .. but yesterday just felt like one too many :)

  6. i need to make a list and them actually do what is on the list! : ) i REALLY need to start printing my photos and making books for the kids. hope the sleeping beauty tryouts went well! thanks for coffee!


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